Our Approach

The Harambee Institute Science and Technology Charter School program can be best described as a culturally-based non-graded model designed to reshape the science and technical experiences of children during their first eight years in school. In this technical environment students will learn values and self-disciplines, language arts, science and mathematics applied from a cultural frame of reference and thematic teaching.

Our goals and objectives is to design a culturally-based curriculum using the New Standards adopted by the Philadelphia School district and assessment strategies that meet the standards/goals set by the state, local district and the community.

The actual teaching/facilitating/assisting process will encompass three broad phases; (a) didactic, (b) Dialogic Examination and Analysis, and (c) Synthesis and application. Each phase will have corresponding strategies, content and cognitive objectives.

The introduction of culture will be taught using thematic or team teaching strategies which allow students to connect with their African heritage, thereby creating a cultural/pedagogical frame of reference. Student learning will be enhanced when they can see a cultural/historical continuum as they facilitate critical/creative analysis, and discovery of social relations. The interaction of the teacher and student will be characterized by a reciprocity that occasions intellectual discovery and the development for all learning partners.
Literacy Core Curriculum

* Elementary Reading
* English Language Arts Middle Grades
* English Language Arts Secondary

Math Core Curriculum

* Math Elementary
* Math Middle Grades
* Math Secondary

Science Core Curriculum

* Science Elementary
* Science Middle Grades
* Science Secondary

Social Studies Core Curriculum
(Cultural Awareness)

* Social Studies Elementary Grades
* Social Studies Middle Grades
* Social Studies Secondary
Resource Curriculum
*Computer Science Technology
*Art Expression
*Music Appreciation
*Physical Development