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Our instructional program

The instructional program of Harambee Institute Science and Technology Charter School can best be described as a culturally-based model designed to shape the science and technical experiences of children during their primary years. In this learning environment, students learn English and Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies applied from a cultural frame of reference and thematic teaching.

Our curriculum is culturally-based, and aligned to the Common Core Standards. The introduction of culture is used to teach strategies which allow students to connect with their African heritage; thereby creating a cultural/pedagogical frame of reference. Student learning is enhanced when students see a cultural/historical continuum as they participate in critical/creative analysis and the discovery of social relations.

English / Language Arts

Harambee has a curriculum that focuses on explicit and systematic reading instruction phonemic awareness; phonics, vocabulary development; reading fluency; and reading comprehension strategies. We expand student knowledge through the love of reading. To instill strong foundational skills, our K-2 students receive 120 minutes of reading instruction per day. Our 3rd-8th grade students are exposed to high quality literature in the four main genres: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama.


Harambee implements the i-Ready Math Curriculum. i-Ready Math focuses on differentiating instruction to meet student needs. Our math program emphasizes the Standards of Mathematical Practice and enables students to build knowledge from procedural fluency to conceptual understanding. i-Ready provides students with opportunities to apply mathematical concepts and skills to real-life situations. It also provides students with an online platform for both school and home use.


Harambee has a science curriculum that focuses on hands-on experiences to tie in what students are learning in theory and apply it to real life applications. Our curriculum includes lessons on Life, Earth and Physical Sciences.

Physical Education / Health

Harambee has an active Wellness Committee, led by our school nurse, that engages parents, students, and staff in physical fitness, nutrition, and health education activities. Our school schedule includes physical education and health education for students weekly. Our staff and students participate in fundraising and walks to support sickle cell, breast cancer, autism, and juvenile diabetes awareness.

Social Studies

Social studies is taught from an African-centered perspective which allows students to develop a conceptual understanding of the ways that historical events, geographic dynamics, diverse cultures, and economic forces have impacted life for human beings over time.