As we enter summer break, we’d like to share the mission and vision that was developed and adopted by the Board of Directors for our watoto and our work:

African centered education is concerned with the origins, current status, and future of the African world. Our daily interactions prepare students to participate as global citizens, helping them develop the skills to deal with all types of people with a clear awareness of “who I am and where I am from.” Harambee envisions a collective and informed African American community utilizing science and technology as a means of promoting self-reliance both locally and in the wider world.

As we are making plans for next year and beyond, we are so excited to share the changes that we are planning as we move forward in reaching our vision!

There are four big changes planned as we move into next year. These decisions have been made with your child’s success in mind.

  • Mama Angela Vann, Special Education Director will succeed to the office of Assistant Principal of Specialized Services. Mama Vann will oversee Special Education and Gifted Learning programs.
  • Mama Sara Ferguson, Assistant Principal will succeed to the office of Assistant Principal of Instruction, where she will lead the charge for the achievement of the school’s academic goals.
  • We are pleased to welcome a new face, Mama Ericka Washington as Assistant Principal of Operations. Mama Ericka will be responsible for our building management and safety.

Harambee is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has appointed Baba Gregory Shannon as Harambee’s new CEO and Principal, effective immediately.

Dr. Kimberly Harris has resigned her position as CEO of Harambee Institute of Science & Technology Charter School and sends her best wishes with the following message:

“Personally, I want to thank you all. Your love and support have been stellar over the last few months during my tenure. However, it is with both reservation and excitement that I must inform you I have decided (at a critical time for me and my family) to reevaluate my professional and personal priorities. With that being the case, I have resigned my position as CEO of the Harambee Institute of Science & Technology Charter School. What we have accomplished in such a short period of time together has been so exciting and I know the work will continue with each of you. As I pass the baton to Baba Shannon and the Board, I know you will thrive and soar. I am excited to see the hurdles you clear with Baba Shannon at the helm of the ship as the Board supports all of your efforts. I will be standing in the wings as your biggest cheerleader knowing that the sky is the limit for Harambee Institute of Science & Technology Charter School”.

We understand that these are big changes for families and their children and are here to support you in any way necessary throughout these transitions. We want to welcome you to our next open board meeting 6:00 pm, Wednesday, June 19, 2019, in Skief Hall to discuss your questions, comments, and concerns…your opinion and ideas are very important to us! We hope to see you there!