All we do at Harambee is win win win!!!

A special thanks to our Harambee Institute of Science and Technology Charter School Board of Directors, Our CEO Dr. Kimberly Harris and our Principal Baba Gregory Shannon for casting a new winning vision both in and out the classroom!!! It has become very evident that our Harambee students are giving voice to the importance of having a winning attitude as we have been pulling together and demonstrating what it means to win in Academics, Cheerleading, Basketball, Robotics and most recently a Black History Month Challenge, Essay and Oratorical competition sponsored by the Mayor’s Office of Civic Engagement, The Philadelphia 76ers and Peco.

On February 11, 2019, eleven of our Harambee Moors students competed brilliantly at the African American Arts Museum and won the 1st Place Prize after having one of our essays picked to enter the competition. Our winning essay entitled “A Harambee helping hand, for a hungry and hurting humanity” written by Taniya Talib and presented by Kimorah Spence and Jaianna Wright greatly impressed the judges and won the Essay/Oratorical competition. The competition consisted of a PowerPoint presentation, a thorough description of the proposed project and a question and answer platform to wrap things up. We were ecstatic that one of our Harambee students produced an essay worthy of consideration and answered the following questions using Kuumba (Creativity), Nia (purpose), Kujichagulia (Self Determination) and Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics) to win the 1st place prize of $1500.00.

  • Why is it important to help others?
  • Identify an important issue and explain why it’s important?
  • If you had $1500 to help address the issue you identified what would you do with it?
  • Name an organization in your community that is working to address this issue.

A special thanks again to: Taniya Talib, Nia Graham, Celea Cobb, Jaianna Wright, Kimorah Spence, Ireland Demby, David Kpeglo, Zayd Murray, Wyatt Drumming, Anirah Porterfield, Samantha Cooper for their very present collaboration and participation in editing the essays and help with the Power Point development.
We look forward to assembling our Harambee great minds again for other creative
writing/ oratorical opportunities and service projects as we continue to do as Baba Shannon reminds us every single day win win win!!!!

Asante Sana,
Baba Darren Johnson M.S., MBA