HPA General Information

School Opening:

School will officially begin on Wednesday September 2, 2015 and will be in session starting promptly at 8am, with dismissal at 3:30pm.  Please note that students have a NEW daily start time of 8:00am.


Dress Code:

The uniform dress code is intended to maintain an academic atmosphere in our building.  Clothing that reflects the mood of a playground atmosphere is not permitted.  Failure to obey these rules may result in disciplinary action.

1. Brothers Dress Policy:  All brothers (male watoto) are required to wear a white, cotton button down dress shirts, solid black trousers, worn with a black belt and solid black shoes, (No stripes or other decorative patterns will be permitted on clothing, belts or footwear at any time.

    • Not permitted:  The school dress policy does not permit the wearing of sneakers (other than physical development or dress down days), boots, tees, sleeveless shirts, basketball type shirts, golf or polo shirts, turtle or mock neck shirts, or other clothing deemed inappropriate for school.

2. Sisters Dress Policy:  All sisters (female watoto) are required to wear a white button down blouse (either a peter pan or traditional oxford collar) full length black skirts (four inches or more below the knee), solid black shoes and solid black or white socks, stockings or panty hose.

    • Not permitted:  The school dress policy does not permit the wearing of sneakers (other than physical development or dress down days) short skirts, skirts with long splits, sneakers, boots, jumper dresses, pants, skorts or capris, turtle or mock neck shirts, shorts, tops that expose bare midriffs, halter or tube tops, sleeveless shirts, or other clothing deemed inappropriate for school.

  1. Jeans and large jewelry not permitted:  Jeans for brothers or sisters are not permitted. No jewelry is to be worn on PhysicalDevelopment Days. Earrings should be no larger than the size of a quarter. Please be mindful of the earring size as this is a safety issue. Dangling earrings are not permitted!


Lunch Policy:

1. Watoto who decide to bring lunch should bring a healthy, nutritious lunch. A healthy, nutritious lunch consists of a sandwich, fresh fruit, water or 100% fruit juice.

Glass bottles, junk food, microwaveable and/or other foods requiring preparation are not permitted in school.


2.  Healthy Lunch Options -  Any and all fresh fruit, fruit cups, 100% fruit snacks, 100% fruit juice (No artificial color or flavoring), garden salads, vegetable snacks (celery, carrots, cucumbers, etc.), 100% granola bars, sun chips, plain or cheese

popcorn only, pretzels, crackers  (wheat, or cheese).


3.  Junk Food - Chewing gum, candy, sweet cakes or pies, sodas, hugs and other junk foods are not permitted in school.  Failure to follow this rule will result in disciplinary action and confiscation of the item(s) in question.


*Be mindful that Harambee promotes a healthy, nutritious lunch.*



Cake, cupcakes, pizza and/or ice cream for classroom celebrations (birthdays, special recognition, etc.) are Not Permitted. We recognize student’s birthdays every month during the Kuzaliwa/Birthday Assembly Program.



All grade supply lists can be found on our website under the Back to School Tab, http://iguana-workspace.com/histcs_website/

If you have any outstanding questions please feel free to contact the main office at 215-472-8770.



September is a busy time of year for our school.  Watoto will be receiving calendars for the year during the first week of school.  Here are a few dates to keep in mind for the month of September:

September 2nd:   First day of school grades 1st-8th (8:00 am)

September 7th:    Labor Day (School and Office Closed)

September 16th:  Noon Dismissal for watoto

September 25th & 28th: Papal Visit (School and Office Closed)

September 30th:  Noon Dismissal for watoto

Kindergarten (Kikuyu) Information:

Welcome to all our new kindergarten watoto and parents.  We are excited to have you join our Harambee family.  Here are important dates for you to know:

September 2nd:  Kindergarten (Kikuyu) Parent Orientation 6:00 pm  

September 4th, 8th - 9th:  Kindergarten Interviews (walimu  will schedule with


September 10th - 11th:  Kindergarten half days (walimu  will provide schedule)

September 14th:  First full day for Kindergarten (Kikuyu) watoto


After School Program:

Harambee is proud to announce that we will be running our Harambee After School Academy!  HASA will begin on September 8, 2015.  This program is designed to provide after school homework support, STEAM - science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics - enrichment, and additional clubs to our watoto.  HASA will operate from 3:30pm-6:00pm and currently runs on the following pay schedule:

  • A family with one child costs $30.00 per week

  • A family with two children costs $25.00 per week per child ($50.00 a week total)

  • A family with three or more children costs $20.00 per week per child ($60.00 or more per week)

Each family must complete a registration form and pay the one-time registration fee per family. Please see our program flyer located on our website for more information and registration forms.  Families may register at the school or using the online registration link.


Book Bags:

In an effort to provide resources and support to the watoto and families of Harambee, Costco Wholesale has generously donated over 350 book bags to our school.  All watoto in need of a book bag will be able to receive one on the first day of school!

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