School Supply Lists

Social Studies: Mama Kilolo

6th/7th   Grades

1 subject notebook
Colored Pencils
Loose Leaf Paper
[3] 2 pocket folder
1 inch binder with dividers


8th Grade
Composition notebook
2 pocket folders
Colored pencils
1 3 subject notebook


English/Language Arts: Mama Megan/Mama Kelesha

1 composition book
[1] 3 subject notebook
White out
Pocket dictionary w/thesaurus
Black or blue ink pens
Personal reading book
2 pocket folder
Index cards
Plastic Report Covers
1 pack of white copy paper
[1] 1 inch binder w/dividers


Math: Baba Marc/Baba Simeon

2 composition books
2 highlighters
Loose leaf paper
2 packs of Pencils (no lead)
Texas Instrument Calculator (cell phone use prohibited)
Index cards
3 inch binder
2 book covers
1 white board
White board markers/erasers


Science/Mama Nanyamka

Composition book
[1] 3 subject notebook
Calculator (cell phone use prohibited)
3 plastic 2 pocket folders
Looseleaf paper
Colored Index Cards (3x5)
Colored Markers


* Students have until September 21st to purchase supplies for classes.
* 1.00 donation to class Advisors for homeroom cleaning supplies. (tissues, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes)

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