School Supply Lists

Kikuyu Family:  Mama Karen, Mama Stacey, Mama G

On the first day of school students will need to bring:

1 book bag
4 black and white marble composition books
(for homework & journal/classwork)
3 plastic or laminated pocket folders
2 boxes of tissues &
1 box of wet wipes for the class
1 small blanket (Not a large adult sized blanket) for rest time
1 Complete change of clothes (Black & White Uniform)
1 Oversize t-shirt for art class
*Students MUST be in their black & white uniforms!


Supplies students must have at home (Keep these things put up in a pencil box for homework time!):
Pencils & sharpener
glue sticks
children’s scissors
(And a box to keep them all in)


Also students need a collection of their own children’s storybooks. Children should be read to regularly and they should practice trying to “re-read” their own favorite stories. We will do book reports later.  It is a good idea to get extra composition books and folders now for when they need them later. Put them up somewhere safe.


NOT ALLOWED IN SCHOOL (Please do NOT let your child bring to school):
Jewelry (except small earrings)
Money (except for specific school purpose in an envelope with name)
Junk food – (No gum, candy or sugary snacks, etc)
Cell phones or other tech devices (No video games of any kind)

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